Shop Fitout Clearout

You’re about to open the door to your new premises.

Right now you’re struggling to open the doors for yourself. You’re so excited your hand is shaking, making it hard to get the key in the lock. Mind you, that could also be due to the cramp in your hand from signing so much paperwork for the shop lease.

You eventually unlock the door, and with a bit of a shove manage to swing it open. There’s power, so you turn on the lights and…

… it’s perfect.

It’s a nice building in a great location, and the fitout crew worked sheer magic so you could open to the public on time with everything ready to go.

But that wasn’t the story a few days ago.  OK so you didn’t expect it to be in pristine condition.  After all, you’re not the first business to use this space. But it looked like the previous tenants had spent their last few hours practising their telekinesis.

There was broken furniture all over the floor, along with a few cupboard doors. The cupboards themselves were hanging by a couple of nails, as if it took a few pulls to realise they weren’t portable.

There was even a sink in the middle of the floor, which either came from the kitchen area of was part of a very interesting water feature.

Luckily the shop fitters knew their stuff.  The place was gutted and all the junk removed—quickly and efficiently ready for the new shop fitting.

And that’s where the team at Brizzy Rubbish Removals were able to help. Experts at removing rubbish for shop fitouts, athey knew how important it is to get it done quickly and efficiently.  Just give them a call and they’ll collect all the junk and take it away. And you won’t need to life a finger.

Which is probably just as well, because you really should rest that hand.





Brisbane’s weather becomes a new growth industry

It’s storm season once again, which means a torrential downpour every afternoon and news stories about it every night. The reporters will be standing outside under umbrellas to show how useful they can be (the umbrellas, not the reporters), and cutting to footage of golf ball-size hailstones falling elsewhere in the state.

(Just be thankful Mother Nature isn’t a soccer fan.)

Unfortunately, the mornings are still bright and sunny. And you know what happens when you combine sun and rain, don’t you? That’s right: a weather report that goes for half the news bulletin.

It’s also Mother Nature’s sure-fire growth formula for plants, which means you’ll have to trek through metre-high grass to find the morning paper. (Assuming they managed to lob it over your hedge, which now resembles the maze from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.)

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Getting the garden trim for spring

Winter is over, and we finally get to say goodbye to Jack Frost. Unfortunately, a lot people will now be saying hello to a new arch nemesis—Harry Hay Fever. (Forget about skipping through fields of flowers. These people will be sprinting to the nearest chemist to to buy a truckload of Claratyne.)

Yes, spring is here at last. And if you stop for a minute and take a look around you’ll immediately be trampled by hay fever sufferers.

But once the stampede has passed, take another look and you’ll see the trees and gardens bursting with colour. It’s as if they’ve all had a month’s worth of growth overnight. Unless they happen to be your trees and gardens, in which case it will be more like three months’ worth. Continue reading

Garden Horrors

First, the good news. Today is Halloween, which means you get the chance to dress up and scare people senseless. Chances are you won’t even need to go out and buy a costume—just pick something from the wardrobe that your partner refuses to let you wear outside.
Health warning: Even though it’s getting quite warm, please choose an outfit that covers most of your body. The idea is to scare everyone, not scar them for life.
You also get the chance to give away all the stuff in your pantry that your entire family refuses to eat, including the dog. (It’s the main reason trick-or-treating happens at night.)
And now the bad news. After today, you really are going to have to clean up the yard.

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