Garden Rubbish Removal Brisbane

Call us for garden rubbish removal in Brisbane. We provide a professional and reliable garden green waste removal service to Brisbane residential, commercial and CBD clients. Use this service for garden rubbish collection from a garden clean up.  Green waste items include wood removal, hedge clippings, bamboo, storm debris (dead trees and debris from flooding), soil, general garden rubbish removal, junk, debris and fencing removal.  Basically any kind of landscaping rubbish and garden waste that needs clearing out … we can remove it and we’ll do it fast.

  • We’re Brisbane locals – not a franchise
  • We have easy access vehicles for all garden rubbish removal situations
  • We recycle rubbish as much as possible
  • As long as our team can reach you by phone you don’t even need to be there
  • We’ll call to confirm pricing
  • Pay by phone / card / direct debit / cash
  • We’ll make your garden clean up fast, professional and ‘too easy’!

Garden Waste, Garden Rubbish Collection & Storm Cleanups

Now is the time to be thinking about getting stuck into a good garden clean up!  With Queensland’s summer now heading into autumn the weather will start to cool again soon.  This means it’s cool enough to get back into the garden on the weekends and enjoy the last warm afternoons for your backyard garden tidy up.  We have gorgeous blue skies and lovely temperatures ideal for garden maintenance in Brisbane right now.  When you’re finished clearing out your backyard give us a call to remove the garden waste.

Garden waste removal and getting rid of garden junk and green waste is essential to maintain gardens. If you need a hand to cart it away once you’ve finished give us a call.  We are more than happy to remove your garden waste and our rates are very competitive.

What sort of garden rubbish can we collect?

Here’s a list of some of the green waste and general garden rubbish removal items we’ve collected from households and back yards around Brisbane:

  • Lawn clipping
  • Leaf litter
  • Tree branches
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Tree clippings
  • Old garden edging
  • Palm fronds and leaves
  • Old branches and tree stumps from tree lopping
  • Old potted shrubs from repotting plants
  • Old fencing and wood
  • Old garden ponds
  • Leaves, weeds and vines
  • Bamboo cuttings and cane
  • Old pallets
  • Old debris
  • Garden shrub clippings
  • General garden waste
  • Garden cleanup

Better than green waste skip bins (unless you want the whole street involved) our rubbish collection service is fast, efficient and our friendly team can be trusted to get the job done with minimum hassle.  As we say ‘We load, you relax – too easy!’.  You’ve got better things to do than mess around with rubbish.