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Waste Reduction and Rubbish Removals in Brisbane

Thanks for stopping by Brizzy Rubbish Removals.  You are no doubt gearing up for the big holiday period over Christmas and the New Year in Brisbane.  The weather has been holding out just great (still not too hot out there Brisbane) and our rubbish removal guys have been hard at it every day getting the junk and rubbish out of Brisbane homes and into the recycling stations around Brisbane Metro and surrounds.

There have been a lot of amazing waste reduction strategies we’ve seen coming out this year which just goes to show how committed Brisbane is to reduce reuse and recycle.  We are just as committed to this idea at Brizzy Rubbish Removals and we try our hardest to always ensure as much as possible is recycled whether it’s fridges and washing machines or old printers and computer equipment (e-waste) we will get the job done fast so you don’t have to mess around with rubbish.  We load, you relax and that’s exactly how it happens.

If you jump over to our Facebook page you’ll see that we often uncover great little ideas around rubbish reduction and recycling in Brisbane.  Don’t be shy, feel free to comment and let us know of any other recycling and waste reduction ideas you know of.

7 Steps to Garage Declutter Perfection

If your car no longer fits inside your garage and your access door to your home is no longer accessible, it’s time for a serious garage de-clutter! Spring is the ideal season for outdoor projects. It’s also the best time to prepare for the Brisbane storm season.

If you’re planning to place your home on the market, then cleaning out the garage is of course a necessity. You need to get rid of the rubbish to reduce the number of boxes you must pack and move!  Rubbish removal will also make your home more inviting to potential buyers. The seven steps below will help you achieve garage de-clutter perfection that lasts!

Step 1 – Check the Brisbane weather (BOM Radar is good for that) and your schedule to choose the perfect de-clutter time. You want to do the entire job in one stretch of time instead of breaking the job up into shorter time segments. That way, you have the option to drag everything out of the garage and deal with it without worrying about rain or vandalism. Besides, it’s easier to make de-cluttering the garage a priority when everything is out in the yard!

Step 2 – Take ‘before’ photos of what every area of your garage looks like before you start. You’ll want to have them to compare to the ‘after’ photos after you finish!  Nothing like a good before and after to develop a sense of achievement.

Step 3 – Designate areas of your yard or drive according to what you plan to do with each item. Place boxes marked for those things you want to donate or keep in their perspective areas. This time-saver allows you to box it up as you carry the clutter from the garage. Make a place for the things you want to keep, too. The biggest pile will go into the bin for rubbish removal.

Step 4 – Carry everything out and put it into its appropriate spot. Be realistic about what you really need to keep and what you need to let go. If you haven’t missed it at the bottom of the garage clutter, you probably don’t need it.

Step 5 – Give the garage a good cleaning. If it needs a new coat of paint, this is the perfect time for that as well.

Step 6 – Take advantage of organising tools that let you use more of your vertical space. For example, cargo nets in the centre of the garage provide storage for holiday decorations. Wall bicycle hooks let you get bikes off the floor. The more you use your wall and ceiling space, the more open the garage floor will be. It may take a little longer to get everything back inside. But better organisation will help keep the clutter from happening again.

Step 7 – Take the items that you plan to give away or donate to their respective locations. Call us for professional junk collection services to take away the rest.

Now, it’s time to take that ‘after’ photo and start enjoying your garage again!

Recycle Your White Goods And Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!

When white goods turn to rusty goods, it can be more serious than you think. They’re not just bad for your wallet and the environment; they can be bad for your family’s health.  But don’t do your back and waste a whole Saturday hauling them off to the dump… call in Brizzy Rubbish Removals and use their white goods removal service to get rid of them hassle free.

Did you know…

Recycling aluminum saves 95%* of the energy it takes to convert it from bauxite, plastic saves 88%* and using recycled material in steel production saves 75%* of the energy needed to make new steel, reduces emissions by 90%* and water use by 40%* – so it’s lucky Brizzy Rubbish Removal is all about doing your recycling for you – so you can feel 100% good with 0% effort!

Running that old fridge as a drinks fridge might seem like a good idea in summer but old, near empty, inefficient fridges might be costing you more than you think. A five star, modern, energy efficient fridge uses HALF^ the power of a poorly rated, inefficient model (probably like the one in your garage, laundry or shed!).

Older CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) refrigerant gasses are detrimental to the environment and frequently leak out as the fridge or freezer ages. It can be hard to know if there is a leak because they are completely odourless. Brizzy not only removes your old fridges and freezers but ensures (where possible) they are recycled responsibly.

Very old refrigerators and chest freezers may be a serious risk to your family’s health. These old fridges and freezers may look charming and antique but they can contain the deadly combination of Freon gas and copper parts. The amount of Freon that could leak from a refrigerator is harmless to people (but detrimental to the environment) in it’s natural form. However, when it meets with copper tubing that is exposed to the environment, or with extreme heat, it forms a chemical called Phosgene – a deadly chemical warfare agent. It’s extremely rare these days but if you are keeping an antique fridge in the garage, you might want to get it checked out before you do any welding near by!

Computer and electronics parts (including those found in some modern white goods) are made up of some highly toxic materials (such as Beryllium Oxide, a powerful carcinogen) and some highly recyclable ones (including many common metals) making it especially important to keep these items out of landfill and to put them through the proper recycling process. Don’t just dump your computer parts in the bin; let Brizzy Rubbish Removal collect them when we come for that old fridge!

Call Brizzy now to save energy, money and maybe even your health (oh, and of course, your precious Saturday!)

*Data provided the Washington State Department and City Of Melbourne Recycling
^Data provided by the Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Recycling Household Rubbish and White Goods in Brisbane, Queensland

You would be surprised to find out just how much of our rubbish can be recycled these days. Read on to find out how to recycle household rubbish in Brisbane, Queensland.  If you have whitegoods to be removed in Brisbane call us for a free estimate.

Did you know that white goods, for example, large kitchen appliances, are often recyclable? In many instances, they can be repaired, sent for reuse by second-hand dealers, or the metal can be recovered at metal recycling stations where it is shredded.   Most charities can’t accept white goods for recycling due to safety testing requirements. 

White goods can include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Air conditioning units
  • Washing machines
  • Ovens/cooktops
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Deep freezers

If you need white goods recycling in Brisbane, get in touch with us. We know that white goods are often left to accumulate in the garage because they are bulky, heavy, and hard to transport. This is where we come in! We will come to your house and pick up your white goods and household rubbish for you to save you the hassle. Where possible, we will ensure that we recycle as much as possible and dispose of items in an eco-friendly manner at approved Brisbane City Council recycling stations.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling White Goods?

White goods contain significant amounts of non-renewable, but often valuable, materials including metals, plastics, gases (refrigerants) and insulation materials.

The benefits of recycling white goods are twofold. Firstly, recycling reusable materials gives these items a second life and keeps them alive in the economy, reducing the demand for new materials to be created. Secondly, the recycling process prevents toxic chemicals often present in white goods (such as flame retardants) from entering the environment and polluting soils or waterways.

What About Computers and E-waste?

You may be surprised to know that even home computers and electronic waste can, in many instances, be recycled. Even if the whole, complete product cannot be recycled, many individual computer components can be recycled. So instead of just throwing it in the bin, call us for an estimate and to book a pickup. We can dispose of your old computers and e-waste using approved electrical and computer recycling depots. Feel good knowing that you are doing your part for the planet and keeping stuff out of the landfill.

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