Retail Rubbish

Christmas is on the horizon again and with that comes a massive increase in the amount of rubbish generated from packaging and wrapping at retail shopping centres. In fact many commercial business’ experience an increase in rubbish at this time of year (of course) as deliveries are massively increased in preparation for the Christmas boom.

It’s great to see many centres have finally implemented recycling bins in the food courts (this has been happening overseas for many years already) but what’s happening ‘out the back’ of the offices and shops? What happens to the rest of the commercial waste and rubbish?

Not all centres provide access to skip bins and it’s not always convenient to have to wait for a replacement when they are already overflowing. When time is limited and you want rubbish out of sight and out of mind ASAP a truck and a dedicated commercial rubbish removalist is often the most convenient solution.

Be nice to your planet with computer recycling in Brisbane

E-waste and computer recycling is a hot topic at the moment, particularly due to the speed at which “new” technology quickly becomes obsolete. With many small businesses taking advantage of the Australian Government’s recent 50% Investment Allowance to update their computer equipment, the question on everyone’s lips is “What do we do with our old computers?”

Fondly known as WEEE, or “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment“, you could stockpile this surplus in a storeroom somewhere in case Windows 3.1 ever comes back into fashion, but you’d be doing your company, your staff and the planet a favour by choosing to recycle the computers instead. The question then becomes “Where can we find a computer recycler in Brisbane?”

Brizzy Rubbish Removals are local and their professional teams will come to your Brisbane metro or Brisbane CBD business and collect and dispose of your computers and old office equipment at Brisbane’s premier recycling stations.

The Winter Cleanup

The cold nights and cool windy days are a sure sign that winter is upon us. Now is the time to get ready for spring by getting a little dirty in your garden.

Where do I start?

Get out a pen and make a plan. Even the trickiest cleanups can be accomplished when you have a clear idea on how to tackle it. It also helps you to focus and cut cleanup time. You may want to organise your rubbish removal service in the planning stage. Organising your rubbish removal now will give you a cleanup deadline.

Okay so what’s the plan of attack?

You should remove all plants and outdoor features that didn’t make it through the winter. The recent rain may have caused irreparable damage to some of your plants and outdoor furniture. Remove these and any other plants that won’t make it to spring.

Next you should cut back plants and trees to promote spring growth and reduce the risk of a tree falling, which could take power lines and part of your home down with it. Most trees and plants benefit from a good pruning, so don’t spare your trees feelings. If you cut back just to clear the power lines, then you will require another prune in next to no time and pruning new growth will damage and stunt trees.

Finally, get Brizzy Rubbish Removals to remove your garden waste. You should always remove the garden waste from your property quickly to help reduce weed outbreaks and the fire hazard (plus piles of garden rubbish are a bit of an eyesore).

Is your Garage filled with Rubbish and Junk?

A very wise person once pointed out how silly it was that we fill our garages with useless junk and clutter while parking our most valuable possession in the driveway. If this sounds like you then maybe it’s time to clean up and clear out your garage!

Brizzy Rubbish Removals have compiled a “How To” for cleaning out your garage to make things a little easier for you.

How to Clear Out Your Garage with Brizzy Rubbish Removals:

1. Check the Brisbane weather report to make sure there’s no rain forecast, then gather up a few likely friends or family members to help out – it helps if you offer snacks and drinks, and put on some energising music.

2. Take everything out of the garage and sort it into three piles: “Rubbish“, “Donate” and “Sell”. Anything that doesn’t go on one of those piles gets put neatly back in your garage.

3. Call Brizzy Rubbish Removals on 1300 BRIZZY (1300 274 999) to take away the “Rubbish” pile for you. Don’t worry about boxing it up, or hiring a skip bin… just point them at the rubbish pile and leave them to it. To make it even easier, you can book the rubbish removal service online.

4. Load the Donate pile into your car to drop off at one of the charity collection bins, or if you have bigger items then call them to come and collect it for you. With the “Sell” pile, you can either box it up ready for a garage sale, or acquaint yourself with one of the many online auction sites or classified newspapers.

5. And finally, once you have finished, park your most valuable possession back where it belongs where it will be protected from the weather and opportunistic crims. (Your insurer might even drop your premiums a little once you are parking in a locked garage again – why not ring and ask them?).

We said it was going to be easy, didn’t we?