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Office Rubbish Clearout & Removal

Whether you are moving office, have completed a new office fitout or have just had an office cleanup ready for the New Year, there’s often an awful lot of junk left over that needs to be removed! We know because we’ve seen it all before! Most of our commercial rubbish removal clients are located in the Brisbane CBD where you don’t really want to be using a skip bin and prefer to have all junk removed ASAP (without lifting a finger beyond making that initial enquiry!).

Our professional removalists take away everything from old computers (which we recycle) to broken office furniture, carpet and LEFTOVER fitout garbage.

The New Year is often the perfect time for an office clearout too. Many are still on holidays so it can be quiet whilst everyone is getting back into the swing of things after Christmas. We have more time to get organised than what’s normally available during the busy times when day to day pressures of an inner city office take over.

Our commercial rubbish removal clients are varied, from small businesses to large corporations plus we have a number of body corporate managers on our books for some well known Brisbane retail centres. Ask about these when you call to get your junk removed and get organised for 2010!

Be nice to your planet with computer recycling in Brisbane

E-waste and computer recycling is a hot topic at the moment, particularly due to the speed at which “new” technology quickly becomes obsolete. With many small businesses taking advantage of the Australian Government’s recent 50% Investment Allowance to update their computer equipment, the question on everyone’s lips is “What do we do with our old computers?”

Fondly known as WEEE, or “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment“, you could stockpile this surplus in a storeroom somewhere in case Windows 3.1 ever comes back into fashion, but you’d be doing your company, your staff and the planet a favour by choosing to recycle the computers instead. The question then becomes “Where can we find a computer recycler in Brisbane?”

Brizzy Rubbish Removals are local and their professional teams will come to your Brisbane metro or Brisbane CBD business and collect and dispose of your computers and old office equipment at Brisbane’s premier recycling stations.